dog celebrating hallowen.

Pets and Halloween are individually among the most fun aspects of life. Unfortunately, pet emergencies spike this time of year. How can pets and their people stay safe while enjoying all that Halloween has to offer? We’re your go-to source for creating a pet-friendly Halloween that cranks up the good times without sacrificing safety.

Dressing for the Occasion

Although there is not much cuter than a pet in a costume, it is important to choose one safely. Pets typically aren’t game for tight, restrictive, hot, or itchy costumes. Even if they tolerate an uncomfortable costume for a quick photo-op, watch for any signs of stress or anxiety and quickly remove the costume. They may try to wriggle the costume off and get stuck in the process, which can cause unnecessary confusion and fear. If you are going to dress your pet for the holiday, find something that fits well, doesn’t restrict movement, and gives them plenty of room to breathe. 

Successful Themes

No matter how you approach Halloween, your pet’s safety and comfort must be priorities. If you’re hosting a pet-friendly Halloween, opt for a cozy pajama party. This ensures that all of your guests are in their most comfortable attire, and reduces any problems related to unfamiliar fabrics and related sensations. 

Lots of speciality pj’s have anime prints, famous spooky characters, or beloved animal motifs. What’s more, pets can complement their owner’s outfit with a small accessory that matches, like a bandana, collar, shoes/booties, and so much more. Keep it interesting with a prize for best costumed pair!

Everybody Wins

Creating a pet-friendly Halloween party can be as simple as inviting other pets and their families to a themed potluck. Ask that everyone bring a dish to share with the humans, and one to share among the pets. This could be an exciting time for pets to try new things in the company of new friends. Be sure that everyone knows about foods that are toxic to pets, and ask that only pet-safe options come through your door.

Check out this list of yummy Halloween treats or get even more creative with these delicious recipes.

Pet-Safe Halloween Activities

There are tons of other owners in the same boat, wondering how to safely include their pet in all the season has to offer. Luckily, you can choose which Halloween activities to participate in all over Louisiana, such as:

For Your Pet’s Well-Being

Halloween can definitely be a wonderful holiday to share with your pet, but there are risks. Uphold pet safety in these ways:

  • Properly store all trick-or-treat candy; always check the ground for any wrappers or discarded treats
  • Update microchip information and check their collar and ID tags
  • Provide a quiet, comforting room away from the front door where they can relax during peak Halloween hours
  • Turn off lights for trick-or-treaters if the noise and disruption becomes too much for a pet’s stress and anxiety
  • Keep costumes with sequins, beads, or other embellishments out of reach
  • Watch your pet closely for any reactions to spooky decor, animatronic displays, sound effects, strobe effects, and more
  • Only use battery-operated candles in your jack-o-lanterns

If you have questions about celebrating a pet-friendly Halloween, please give us a call at (985) 646‑2025. From all of us at Brownswitch Pet Hospital, have a safe and happy Halloween!