Understanding Your Pet’s Body Language: What They’re Trying to Tell You

Orange Tabby with paw up.

Pets seem to have their own secret language when it comes to communicating their thoughts and feelings with their favorite humans, and understanding what your pet is trying to tell you can help you enjoy an even stronger bond with your four-legged companion. 

In this blog, our team at Brownswitch Pet Hospital helps decode pet body language to bridge the communication gap between you and your beloved pet. 


Weathering the Storm: Pet Emergency Preparedness Tips for Every Pet Parent

small dog with sunglasses sitting on emergency travel kit

At Brownswitch Pet Hospital, we see firsthand the special connection between pets and their owners—a bond that demands exceptional care when facing Louisiana’s often harsh storm seasons. In this blog post, we’re offering strategies to keep your beloved animals safe when nature is at its most unpredictable.


Celebrating National Nutrition Month with Healthy Pet Diets

a golden retriever sniffs a bowl of food.

Pets and people alike celebrate and promote National Nutrition Month. Every March, we can collectively pivot towards fresh fruits, deliciously satisfying veggies, and fortifying whole grains. This is also a great time to embrace more exercise and, let’s face it, fewer treats. This March, we can make a meaningful impact on pet health and vitality that lasts all year (and beyond).


Pet-Friendly Valentine’s Treats

yellow lab with a valentine.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and who better to share it with than our furry friends? At Brownswitch Pet Hospital, we believe your pets deserve to feel the love, too. Still,  it’s essential to celebrate in a way that keeps them safe and healthy. 

As you plan your Valentine’s Day, remember that traditional gifts like chocolates and certain flowers can harm your pets. Instead, we’ve got some pet-friendly Valentine’s treats and ideas to make the day special for your beloved animal companions.


Walnut Poisoning in Dogs: What to Know

a dog sniffing walnuts.

There are many things in our day-to-day environment that are potential problems for our pets that we really don’t actively notice. Did you know that black walnuts and dogs don’t mix? Brownswitch Pet Hospital wants you to be aware of walnut poisoning in dogs.


The Dangers of Holiday Food for Pets: What Not to Share

woman feeding dog.

Family gatherings with festive foods are a holiday tradition, but before you indulge your pet with a hunk of ham or bite of cookie, it’s important to be aware of holiday food dangers for pets.

To keep your holiday celebrations merry and bright for your cats and dogs, follow these holiday food safety tips from our caring team at Brownswitch Pet Hospital


Decoding Feline Pain: How Cats Mask Their Discomfort

cat licking arm.

Cats are not known for being very forthcoming when they are sick or in pain. Brownswitch Pet Hospital thinks it is important for cat owners to have a good understanding of how to tell if their cat is not feeling well. Do you know how to tell if your cat is sick? Keep reading to learn more. 


Creating a Pet-Friendly Halloween: Fun and Safe Celebrations

dog celebrating hallowen.

Pets and Halloween are individually among the most fun aspects of life. Unfortunately, pet emergencies spike this time of year. How can pets and their people stay safe while enjoying all that Halloween has to offer? We’re your go-to source for creating a pet-friendly Halloween that cranks up the good times without sacrificing safety.


How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Hunting Season in Louisiana

two dogs in a wetland.

The fall hunting season in Louisiana is upon us, and whether you’re a hunter yourself or live near public lands where hunting is permitted, it’s critically important to practice ways to keep your pet safe in hunting season.


Snake Bites in Pets: How to Identify Them and What to Do

Dog curious about snake.

Snakes are a part of life in Louisiana, but they pose a significant risk to pet safety. Do you know what you would do if your furry friend was the victim of a snake bite? Brownswitch Pet Hospital is ready to prepare you for how to handle snake bites in dogs and cats.