Dog Bite Prevention

A very angry weenie dog baring teeth..

Has your dog ever acted aggressively toward people, other pets, or even his toys? Aggression in dogs is a behavioral problem that should be taken very seriously to prevent injuries to people and other animals, and our team at Brownswitch Pet Hospital can help.

Don’t wait until your dog bites someone to seek help for aggression. Contact us right away if you think your dog is displaying signs of aggression so we can rule out medical problems that could be causing your dog discomfort or pain, which can trigger aggression.


The Importance of Proper Pet Socialization

Four happy dogs at a party

If your terrier or tabby could talk, he would tell you that properly socialized pets are happier, more well-adjusted animals! Plus, you’ll rest easier knowing your pet is better equipped to adapt to new people, places, and other pets. 

If you’re wondering how to socialize a dog or how to socialize a cat, our team at Brownswitch Pet Hospital has some tips to get you started. But before blending furry friends in a social gathering, make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations and parasite prevention.


The Big Easy & Beyond: Winter Pet Activities in Louisiana

A boxer stands by a lake.

When people outside of Louisiana think of our climate, they may think only of weather extremes during Hurricane season. While we do receive our fair share of heat, rain, and wind, our little corner of the world is rarely seen as having “winter weather.” That doesn’t stop people and their pets from hunkering down at home until, say, March or April. It doesn’t have to be like that at all. In fact, with our list of winter pet activities in Louisiana, you and your pet can get out and about to some incredible local destinations.


Reasons to Spay and Neuter Pets

A puppy and kitten look at the camera.

Puppies and kittens are cute, and no one at Brownswitch Pet Hospital is going to argue that point with you. Why then, do we counsel most pet owners to spay and neuter their adorable animals? Spay and neuter is a major part of responsible pet ownership and there are several compelling reasons to do so for your pet. 


Why Pet Wellness Exams Are So Important

A vet examines a puppy.

Everyday you do things that support your pet’s health and happiness. From selecting the best dog food to picking out the perfect squeaky toy, your activity in your pet’s life matters.

Brownswitch Pet Hospital feels strongly that your involvement in pet preventive care is huge as well. Regular pet wellness exams are essential for long and healthy lives for our four-legged family, and we would like to share why.


What Should I Feed My Pet?

A dog and cat eating natural food from a bowl.

Walking down the pet food aisle or watching commercials aimed at pet owners can make it really difficult to figure out how to feed your furry friend. Everyone seems to have a different opinion when it comes to the best pet diets, but how do you find your way through the noise and choose the best nutritional options for your pets? Brownswitch Pet Hospital has some helpful tips:


Common Allergies in Dogs and Cats and How to Treat Them 

A dog with allergies scratching.

If your pet’s days are punctuated by bouts of sneezing or scratching, he might be suffering from allergies. At Brownswitch Pet Hospital, we take allergies and dermatology seriously, and we will do all we can to pinpoint the culprit that’s pestering your pet and alleviate that nasty itch!