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The Importance of
Annual Checkups


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Comprehensive Pet Wellness and Prevention at Brownswitch Pet Hospital



Happy dog at veterinarian

When you bring your cat, dog, or pocket pet to us for a checkup, Dr. Jeff Marshall will conduct a thorough physical exam and address any questions or concerns you may have. He may also recommend bloodwork, or fecal or urine tests to identify any hidden health issues. Since animals often hide their discomfort, being proactive about their health is crucial.

Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations are crucial for protecting your pet against common infectious diseases. We offer vaccinations for dogs and cats, including:

  • Dogs: Parvo, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Rabies
  • Cats: Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR), Chlamydia, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Leukemia Virus

Wellness Exams: Regular check-ups are essential for monitoring overall health and detecting issues early. Our veterinarians conduct thorough assessments to address any concerns.

New Puppy and Kitten Exams: Comprehensive exams and guidance for new additions to your family.

Allergies and Dermatology: We offer diagnostics and treatments for allergies and skin conditions, ensuring your pet lives comfortably.

Heartworm and Parasite Prevention: Preventative measures like heartworm testing and parasite control plans are vital for your pet's health.

Microchipping: Microchipping can significantly increase the chances of a lost pet being reunited with its owner. The procedure requires no surgery or anesthesia and can be done during a routine veterinary visit.

Dental Care: Maintain your pet's oral health with dental cleanings and surgeries as needed.

Nutrition Counseling: Get personalized guidance on your pet's diet to support their well-being.

Baths and Nail Trims: Keep your pet clean and comfortable with our grooming services.

Geriatric (Senior) Pet Care: Specialized care for senior pets, including preventive screenings and management of age-related conditions.

Pocket Pets: We also provide care for exotic and pocket pets, including reptiles, birds, and small mammals. No matter the species, we're here to ensure every pet receives the quality care they deserve.

At Brownswitch Pet Hospital, we're dedicated to providing quality care for your pet at every life stage.

Schedule a wellness visit today to ensure your pet receives the highest standard of care.