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When people outside of Louisiana think of our climate, they may think only of weather extremes during Hurricane season. While we do receive our fair share of heat, rain, and wind, our little corner of the world is rarely seen as having “winter weather.” That doesn’t stop people and their pets from hunkering down at home until, say, March or April. It doesn’t have to be like that at all. In fact, with our list of winter pet activities in Louisiana, you and your pet can get out and about to some incredible local destinations.

Less Crowded, More Fun

One of the best aspects of hitting up some of our state’s great places is the fact that tourism drops off slightly in the off-peak months. In addition to cheaper hotel rates, smaller crowds on tours, or less action in public squares, your pet will have the greatest chance of experiencing new things without high levels of stress. 

Day trips are obviously easier to handle and require less gear. However, there are so many winter pet activities in Louisiana that entail a bit more driving, hotel accommodations, and a disruption to their routine. Be sure your pet is microchipped, up to date on their vaccinations, current with their parasite prevention, and at ease in the car. 

Be sure to bring their medical records with you, and all of the necessary gear like food/water bowls, food, medication, leash/collar/ID tags, leash or harness, and their crate. 

Outdoor Fun

Provided the weather isn’t too terrible, we recommend the following destinations for you and your pet:

Pet Friendly Restaurants

A great way to enjoy winter pet activities in Louisiana is to check out the various eateries in New Orleans that welcome dogs on their patios:

  • Patois
  • Le Crepe Nanou
  • Gott Gourmet Cafe
  • Feelings Cafe
  • El Gato Negro
  • Louisiana Pizza Kitchen
  • PJ’s Coffee & Tea Co.
  • The Bulldog

While in New Orleans, stroll through the Garden District with your pooch, or take in all the sites of the French Quarter. You can also take your dog on the Canal Street commuter ferry for a nice cruise across the Mississippi River to Algiers Point. 

Winter Pet Activities in Louisiana

If you have any questions about your pet’s health, behavior, or safety during the winter months, please give us a call at (985) 646-2025. Our staff at Brownswitch Pet Hospital is always here to help!